The title of this blog is most obviously a reference to bot Sun Tzu's famous book on strategy; The Art of War and the wargamers website Armchair General. You gathered rightly, this blog will be mostly about military history and warfare through the ages and everything related to it.

For a few years I have been writing: reviewing history-books and wargames as well as
other articles related to warfare and military-history. Most of these reviews and articles were published only on the Paradox forums and now lost below a huge pile of other posts and threads.
As these articles might be of interest to others and I have plans to expand my writing in a more general direction I have chosen to start this blog. Several projects are planned for the near and far futures, amongst which "This week in the American Civil War".

Now, I am not a propagandist of war (quite the contrary) nor am I a supporter of the military as a whole and would prefer a world without war. But miltary conflicts in all its different forms make for a damned fine read, interesting and exciting settings for movies as well as games. And even though you most of the times already know who is going to win and how it will end you just read on and on, wanting to know more.
Thus I absolutely love the moments I can sit back in my comfy armchair and enjoy a good read in front of the hearth, take pleasure in an exciting and immersive game on the computer or even better, enjoy a good old boardgame with some friends.

Take a seat in your comfortable armchair and join me as we discuss books, boardgames, podcasts, battlefield-tours, art and games.

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